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Hello guys, welcome to our site. How do you feel today? Before we reveal today’s content let us introduce ourselves very fast. We are a group of people who gives you a chance to play the newest games for free. But let’s not focus on us, and let’s introduce you to today’s installing device which is Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Download.

Call of duty infinite warfare is a brand new game created by Activision Studio. Although the game is still first person shooter and the mechanics are almost the same we got some new fancy things like a new universe, and by the way it looks awesome. People created a union called United Nations Space Alliance to conquer the space but some people wasn’t that happy about it and created Settlement Defense Front to stop the Alliance and our job, as a player, is to stop the defense front from starting the war. But new universe isn’t the only new thing in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Download, we also get a chance to be a pilot of the chopper called jackal. Also, Activision prepared for us multi-player mode and zombie mode. You can imagine that with the new universe we get the new futuristic graphic that is quite good looking. The textures of maps and characters are also remodeled and look amazing. But let’s not go so into deep details because you will see the changes for yourself eventually.

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Download

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