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Hello everyone and welcome on People that are not familiar with our website, we are the best source that provides software for all of you for free. We have years of experience and thousands and thousands of satisfied users and fans. Today’s game that we prepared for you is Dead Rising 4 Download.

Dead Rising 4 is obviously the 4th part of the game series created by Capcom which is really valuable producer known from titles like Devil May Cry or Street Fighter. The story line in Dead Rising 4 is really simple. We impersonate Frank West who is a photographer. Frank comes back to Willemette, where 16 years ago there was a zombie epidemic and our protagonist had to survive in the mall. This time the story is the same, Frank has to survive but this time not only in the same mall but also in the whole city, until the help comes. Besides surviving the catastrophe, Frank has to find out what or who caused the epidemic.

Dead Rising 4 is third person perspective and open world game. Our job is to kill hordes of zombies with whatever we can pick from the ground like axes or even benches. Also, we can combine items to create something fancy. The combinations are countless and we can create things that you would never think of. Producers also gave us an option to play together with up to 4 people.

Dead rising 4 is fast installing copy of the game and it doesn’t require any third party programs to ruin it. As mentioned before, you don’t need to download any additional software like cracks or keygens. The game is complete and it’s totally safe from any kind of malware or viruses. Get Dead Rising 4 Download from our website and enjoy the game. See you next time with other uploads.

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Dead Rising 4 Download


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