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Hi everyone. Welcome on our website, we prepared for you short article about the new content that we just added, of course if you are in hurry you can skip all the text and go straight for download section.  Before we introduce you to today’s game we would like to say something about us first. Basically, we are group of people that work together for years. All our time we dedicate to supply players and computer users in the newest software and game installers. Our passion are video games and we would like to share our installers with everyone who loves computer games and would like to play some and now we would like to introduce you to Transport Fever Download.

Game created by Urban Games isn’t the first project of this company, they are known from previous title which is Train Fever. If you want you can check it out, you can definitely find it on our website. Anyhow, let’s focus on their new game. Transport Fever Download is an economic strategy game and our job is to create and maintain the transport infrastructure. In this particular game, we will build roads, rails and set the routes to create the most successful transport infrastructure. To help us with this tough task we will have access to advanced, yet simple editor. Sadly, the graphics in Transport Fever isn’t something special, just an average one. Also, the game can be played by only one player which is kind of disappointing.

Okay that would be all about the game itself, now let us tell you about our brand-new installer which Transport Fever Download is using. The installer doesn’t contain harmful software, it is really fast, and what’s important, it’s automated and that means you don’t need third-party software to play the game.

Click below, to Transport Fever Download:

Transport Fever Download


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